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Bison was founded in 1938 and has ever since developed into a well-known international brand which offers its high quality adhesives in over 70 countries, serving a wide range of target groups.

Nowadays Bison is offering a complete and competent assortment, from practical adhesive solutions for every family, up to powerful construction adhesives and sealants for DIYers and professionals. Bison Kit® and Montage Kit® are just two examples of the well-known Bison products within the extensive range of solutions for every gluing, sealing and maintenance job. Bison is the leading adhesive and sealant brand in the DIY market in the Benelux and is also an important player in multiple South and East European markets and the Middle East.

Bison is continuously developing the product assortment to satisfy and exceed end-user expectations. Both on product properties as well as sustainability aspects.

Over the recent years Bison has developed several innovative SMP technology based product concepts, offering end-users powerful, easy to use, fast and safe solutions. With this technology Bison is able to develop solvent- and PU-free products across categories, with improved product properties, meeting the highest standards.



The Bison product assortment consists of a broad range of DIY adhesives, as well as humidifiers and tapes.


Loose shoe soles
In 1938, Cornelis van de Reepe, a Dutch wholesaler in shoes and leather goods, laid the foundations for what is now a global operation. Van de Reepe was constantly annoyed at the fact that shoe soles were always letting loose. He developed an adhesive based on natural rubber: Perfecta Supra.

The adhesive became an instant success and Van de Reepe decided to give his company the impressive name of “Vereenigde Chemische Bedrijven Perfecta-Handelsonderneming Corn. V.d. Reepe & Zoon” or , in short, “Perfecta”.

World’s first contact adhesive
In 1958, the company developed the world’s first contact adhesive: Bison Kit®. Today, Bison Kit® sells hundreds of millions of units worldwide annually.

Since the 1960s, Bison Kit® has been the best selling contact adhesive throughout the Gulf States. There have been innumerable attempts to ride the wave of our success. It is said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Names like Camel Kit, Lion Kit, Pigeon Kit and Bond Kit go to show how popular we are.

Montagekit® is another no-nonsense Dutch product developed by Bison. Montagekit® by Bison is widely recognized as an excellent alternative to nailing, screwing and drilling.



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