The choice of the professional


The true professional not only relies on his own knowledge, expertise and experience, but also on the products he works with. That is why the real professional consciously chooses for the highest standard in quality.

Griffon continuously improves the product range to cover new applications and satisfy end-user needs, when it comes to product performance, packaging and sustainability. Griffon is sold in over 50 countries and is leader in Europe in connection techniques for plastic piping systems. 



Griffon provides high standard adhesives for the construction and sanitary business. The assortment consists of multiple sprays, tapes and glues.


GRIFFON, a name associated with workmanship
Among fitters Griffon is known to stand for quality. Especially for professionals, Griffon offers clear, high-quality product ranges aimed at providing solutions, especially for professionals. With these Griffon is able to provide a complete range for the sanitary facilities, installation sectors and construction sites.

Back in the 1960s, Griffon had the patented answer to the rapidly growing demand for adhesives for plastic pipe systems. In addition to PVC, numerous complementary plumbers’ products were introduced, such as lubricants, soldering and sealing products. Griffon has since developed into an internationally recognised specialist in the area of connection technology for plastic and metal piping systems. 

With sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and France, and distributors in many countries across the world, Griffon has built up a strong international market position.

Well-known Griffon products are UNI-100® PVC Adhesive, S-39®soft soldering flux and Kolmat® sealing paste.



Glues anything, anytime.

Powerfull adhesives.

The professional bran for adhesives and sealants