The professional brand for adhesives and sealants


For Bostik, we are continuously developing the product assortment to satisfy and exceed end-user expectations. Both on product properties as well as sustainability aspects.

Over the recent years Bostik launched innovative SMP technology based product concepts, offering end-users powerful, easy to use, fast and safe solutions.



The Bostik product assortment consists of a broad range of DIY and professional adhesives, as well as humidifiers and tapes.


The history of Bostik begins in the United States in the 1930’s. Originally it produced adhesives aimed at gluing rubber soles to leather uppers of military shoes.

In the 50s, the mass production of furniture and kitchens with plastic laminate required professional adhesives therefore enhancing the brand Bostik. In the 60’s, Bostik became an independent company in Italy, becoming property of Boston SpA.  Twenty years later, the company opened up to consumers, offering packs suitable for DIY. It was the first company in Italy to enter the consumer market.

In the early 90s, the Bostik brand was acquired by Henkel and than again by Misal Arexons in 2002.

Turning point

Four years later, Bostik reached a turning point when it was acquired by Bolton Group, turning it into the main brand of Bolton Adhesives in Italy. In 2009, Bostik took over Bison on the Italian market, witch let to the establishment of UHU BOSTIK SpA. 2010 marked the year of professional sealants, with the launch of a wide range of products for the professional market, confirming itself as a key brand in the industry.

Quality and reliability
Today, Bostik is on the market with hundreds of specific formulations, guaranteed from 10 to 25 years. It is the longest running brand of consumer adhesives and sealants in Italy with a high brand awareness: 98% of the Italian population knows and recognizes it. Its success has been established thanks to the appreciation the brand has always had among professionals. Professionals themselves made Bostik what it is today – a product that reaches the highest levels of quality and reliability.



Glues anything, anytime.

Powerfull adhesives.

Committed to professionals.